diy self steering


Mister Vee offer a few options for mounting Y&B to a swimming platform, which are available from the webshop.

But it is best to send us an email so we can exchange some picture to best advise you.

what is the progress on WoodenB?

It is not yet clear if the idea is viable enough to go in to production.
As far as tooling is concerned, Mister Vee now has the bigger cnc machine required for the manufacture of WoodenB, but the details of the product itself need to be more detailed.

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diy self steering

Since presenting the ideas there have been no new developments on "Wooden Bee" itself.

But one of the requirements to be able to start manufacturing this system has been met:
Over the winter period a new CNC machine has been built at the workshop, allowing for the plywood sheets to be milled in a more efficient way than would have been possible with the older CNC.