Navik Parts

Navik parts

The directional is outside our range of Navik products.

For shipping it is probably best to ship to Norway, the systems work better to ship there and are cheaper.

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If you would like to order the Mister Vee USD windvane conversion kit, please place the order through the webshop.
Lead time for the USD kit normally is about 1-2 weeks.

Broken Navik windvane & turret

Tha Navik USD conversion kit replaces the Navik connecting rod and the complete Navik windvane section atop the stainless steel mast.

So indeed, the USD conversion kit would be a solution for your situation.
Prices for the kit and 5 kilogram shipping are in the webshop:

The price for the USD conversion kit includes 21% sales tax wwhich is not charged for shipments outside the EU.