Navik self steering parts

Aluminium Navik part available?

All parts that are on offer as a standard product are available from the webshop.

There are a few parts that are not currently available but are within the manufacturing options of Mister Vee.

Unfortunately, most metal parts that include welding or casting of aluminium are too complicated to set up for the very small numbers that might be sold resulting in a price that would be too high anyway.

The only part that is welded stainless steel in the original Navik that may get a Mister Vee replacement is the trim tab.

Can Navik be used with a steering wheel?

Navik self steering systems have generally been used for for smaller boats with tiller steering.
But as long as the wheel steering is purely mechanical, the forces that need to be generated are more or less similar to tiller steering, except for the power to accelerate the steering wheel, if very quick and rather big movements are needed.

So in general, a Navik should be able to steer a boat with a steering wheel.


The parts that are readily available are listed in the webshop.

Besides those, plans are in the works for developing tools for the pendulum rudder blade.
The trim tab is more or less ready to go in to production.

The parts that are very unlikely to be made available are all remaining parts made of metal.