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After the system update of November 26th it has emerged that the Mister Vee shop is not allowing orders to be processed.

News on this and other problems can be read here

UpSideDown on Navik
€ 299,00
Mister Vee UpSideDown windvane for Navik

If your Navik windvane is broken or missing, you can fit a Mister Vee UpSideDown windvane with this kit:

  • The windvane
  • A glass fiber tube to extend the mast
  • A longer connecting rod

Mister Vee plus Navik

Mounting this kit involves:

  • Glue the longer connecting rod parts
  • Remove the remaining parts from the top of the Navik mast
  • Deburr the inside of the hole in the top of the mast
  • Insert the mast extension
  • Connect the Mister Vee windvane
  • Connect the longer connecting rod
  • Cast off and check if the pendulum rudder tracks ok
  • Enjoy!