Clearance sale on Mr. Vane

The last remaining Mr. Vane self steering systems are available at eu 712.50 including VAT ex shipping
Options unique to Mr. Vane are discounted up to 27.5%

Go to to view and place an order.

Mister Vee as a business will continue!

Order your system as part of a batch

To make manufacturing as efficient as possible, the Mister Vee self steering systems are manufactured in one batch per year.
If you order your system early, you get a great discount. The earlier you place the order and make the down payment, the higher the discount. The highest discount is for ordering three months in advance.

Please note that this schedule may change from year to year.

For 2018 the schedule for the United Kingdom runs 1 month in advance because of Brexit.

When to order

Here is the schedule of what discount you get when ordering your system and making the down payment in a particular month:

2018 delivery, United Kingdom

20% 15% 0%*
March delivery, order in November December January, February, (March may not be possible),

2018 delivery, Non UK

20% 15% 0%*
April delivery, order in December January February, March, April

*No down payment required

How to order

Place you order through the webshop.
You will receive a payment request by email, with a link that takes you to a web page that offers several payment options.

If you want to use the batched delivery:
Make a request to make a down payment of €50.-- to be received before the end of that month. Your discount depends on when the down payment has been received.

Your system is shipped as part of the next batch after the remainder of your payment has been received. You will be notified when your system is ready for shipping, with a second payment request so you can then arrange the payment for the remaining amount.

More on batched delivery is available in our terms of sale, and in frequently asked questions below.