Shop not working

After the system update of November 26th it has emerged that the Mister Vee shop is not allowing orders to be processed.

News on this and other problems can be read here

Order your system for February delivery

To make manufacturing as efficient as possible, the Mister Vee self steering systems are manufactured in one batch per year. This batch is shipped in February. To receive a system in the February batch, you order must be placed before the end of December 2020 Please note that Mister Vee do not manufacture systems outside this schedule and that this schedule may change from year to year.

How to order

Place you order through the webshop. Shortly before your system is shipped you will receive a payment request with a link to a web page from the Mister Vee payment provider More on batched delivery is available in our terms of sale, and in frequently asked questions below.

Navik parts

Navik parts are made and shipped year round. As long as components are in stock, they are normally assembled and shipped within one week. If components need to be made, lead time can sometimes go up to about 3 weeks.