Frequently Asked Questions - Placing an order

Hello, I have ordered a steering drum and just wondering how long it will take to process the order, when can I pay for it and how long will delivery take? Thank you

Hi Sven: So sorry to hear the end of Mister Vee (Note: Mister Vee will not stop its business). The stainless bevel gears, do you have? Are they also subject to discount? And I think they work on the Mister Vee? How do I order as when put in car they of course come up full price, which I can't afford but with discount and fear no availability in future I should get. All the best to you moving forward. greg

First, Only Mr. Vane will stop being produced, Y&B will remain in production!

The stainless gears are available as a set for Mr. Vane, but not at a discount when ordered separately. They are available at a small discount when ordered with a Mr.Vane from the last batch.

The acetal gears are still used for Mister Vee Y&B and will remain available as a support part.

I am trying to order a Y&B through your form but had an issue.

In the "Billing information" section I chose the check box for " My billing information is the same as my delivery information." but I got an error saying these fields needed to be filled out.

I then unchecked the box and filled in all the fields except "State". This was a dropdown menu and did not include California but I assume only Dutch states. If I left this field blank, I got error.

Enter your billing address and information here.
My billing information is the same as my delivery information.

I did a check on this and the system can be a bit confusing.

If you choose the country first then after that the US states become available as a choice.

You can then tick the box "My billing information is the same as my delivery information. "

Things should work correctly after that.

Normally all parts are kept in stock and a connecting rod can be ready for shipping within a weeks time. However, due to a delay in manufacturing Mister Vee systems in spring 2018, no estimates can be given. Parts are out of stock and will not be restocked before the Mister Vee systems have been shipped.

Hello, my order is ready and now I'm trying to pay. What options are available for an order from the United States. Thank you.

At the moment of writing this answer the options are: Visa, Mastercard and Maestro.
Payments are handled by Multisafepay, for which you receive a link. That link takes you to a page where payment can be completed.

No part of the transaction can be used in any way by Mister Vee for any other purpose than processing the single transaction.

I have a Van der Stadt 30 model Zeester, i am looking to fit a self steering wind vane system. i would like to know the price for the full system including ropes and chains etc.

All prices for the Mister Vee self steering systems can be accessed through the picture links on the home page, below the big pictures at the top.

Please click on the Mister Vee logo top/left to visit the home page.

In the order process you may come across the term "Free order"
This does not have any particular meaning to you as a customer, you can ignore it.

All prices are listed in the webshop

The webshop uses cookies to keep track of your entries in to the order system.

If you have disabled cookies or use Google translate to browse the Mister Vee website, ordering from the webshop will not work.
Please open a second window in your browser and order from the untranslated English website.

If you use the English website, enabling cookies should allow you to place an order. Please refer to your internet browsers help menu for more information.

Complete self steering systems are shipped via fedex and generally take about one week to reach you.

Navik parts are shipped by post which is the cheapest option. If you need you part urgently you may consider paying extra for extra secure and speedy delivery.

Mister Vee self steering systems are made in batches, in the most efficient sequence. These batches are shipped in April (but may change from year to year).

Shipments are in order of payment. When the system is shipped it usually takes no more than a week to arrive.

All order that are shipped outside the European Union are sold without VAT, the European local sales tax.

Usually you will need to pay import duties and local sales tax when taking delivery. These are usually paid to the person delivering the shipment to your door.

I have placed an order but could not see how to pay for it, how does that work?

All orders are processed manually.
During that process you will receive a payment request that takes you to a webpage that shows the details of your order and that allows you to chose from several payment options.

The options differ from country to country but include major credit cards.

These payments are handled by payment provider

The warranties are explained in detail in the terms of sale: