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Super light weight: Mr. Vane self steering system

Mr. Vane is the first truly new windvane self steering system to come on the market in 25 years. What's the point in this age of electronics?

Mr. Vane is the result of a search for self steering on a small boat. When Sven Heesterman wanted to fit his Waarschip 725 with a windvane self steering system he soon found out that no system was available that could be combined with his centrally mounted outboard engine. After 4 years of development a system was steering his boat that was too good to keep to himself.

To make sure that this system was usable by smaller boats a few things had to be concidered:

Mr. Vane from the test series on the waarschip 725.
Note the off centre mounting of the vane mast


Weight, mounting options and price.

On a small boat, extra weight on the transom affects the boats behaviour in waves. Mr. Vane is by far the lightest system ever!

Smaller boats have smaller transoms, often fitted with outboard engines. Mr. Vane has an optional mounting kit that can be combined with centrally mounted outboards*

By clever design for self assembly and using modern techniques and plastics Mr. Vane is very affordable


Main features

Light weight and affordable
By using modern plastics it was possible to lower the cost of manufacturing and lower the weight at the same time. This keeps the weight at the ends of the boat as low as possible. With a weight of about 6.5 kgs (14.5 lbs) Mr. Vane is the lightest system ever, both on you boat and on your wallet!
Now there are other brands that claim to offer light weight systems. Be sure to check if they mention the actual numbers. Most systems that claim to be light weight may have been light weight over a decade ago. But a lot has changed since then...

*Not all outboard brackets are suitable