The Mister Vee philosophy

When I started working on my first self steering system it was clear that standard solutions were out of the question. They would not fit my boat.
I soon realised that I would probably not be alone in this. More people would be interested in low weight and affordable self steering solutions.

So both would be important issues to keep in mind when developing my systems.
This is how I try to keep weight down and prices low:

  • Keep the number of custom parts down
  • Combine functions in custom parts
  • Do not use any welding or metal casting for manufacturing
  • Use standard parts and materials where possible
  • Use plastics where possible
  • Design for self assembly*
  • Have the parts picked and shipped by people with small disabilities*
  • When custom parts are required, keep them simple so "every supplier" can make them
  • When suppliers do not want to make the parts the way you want, find a way to do it yourself
  • Use the internet for communications (Most self steering suppliers barely make good use of it)

* In 2012 the rules for companies that offer employment for people with disabilities changed drastically, throwing that whole industry in to turmoil. Mister Vee took back parts handling and started delivering pre-assembled systems to keep better track of the quality of individual parts and completeness of shipments.

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