Navik spare parts

At the moment the final version of Mr. Vane was introduced by Mister Vee in 2007, Plastimo stopped selling their complete Navik units. As there are still quite a lot of these systems being used...

Mister Vee now manufacture the most needed Navik replacement parts

Available from the webshop:

Jointed connector Reference number 61-16-207
Connecting rod Reference number 61-17-504
Bushing kit Reference number 61-18-403
Mister Vee USD replacement windvane kit to replace a broken Navik windvane and/or turret

These replacement parts are made from the same or better quality materials as the originals.

More information and ordering in the webshop

The conversion kit being fitted in the workshop

If your windvane or turret is broken but all other parts are still usable, or you are unhappy with the Naviks performance with wind from behind, it is now possible to fit the Mister Vee USD windvane to Navik self steering systems.

This would lead to increased performance as the USD design gives better course keeping.

The set consists of:

  • The Mister Vee USD windvane
  • A piece of tube to extend the mast
  • A longer connecting rod

Do you need this part? It its available from the webshop!


Under water Paddle Reference number 61-16-702
Trim tab

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