New website for Mister Vee in 2015

Over the next months the Mister Vee website will be replaced with a brand new one.

Here is what may happen during the transition:

- The website may also be off line for longer than during normal maintenance
- The website will be read-only for a period of time (no orders can be placed then and no new accounts can be made)
- Only limited data will be transferred to the new site, so things may not work as you are used to.
- And maybe other things too...


Main features of Y&B

Y&B is the third system from Mister Vee that is made primarily from plastics. Where possible, even more stainless steel has been replaced with suitable plastics. This has resulted in the lightest full size self steering system ever achieved, even slightly lighter than Mr. Vane in similar configuration!

The main features:

  • New high efficiency pendulum rudder made from high density foam and carbon fibre. This rudder and all manufacturing techniques were developed in house with generous support from renowned hydrodynamicist Piet van Oossanen.
  • Affordable customisation options
  • Just one size, suitable for small boats due to light weight and larger boats due to clever design
  • System removable from transom without tools
  • Low and high path for steering lines (more on this on the next page)

Newly developed super versatile mounting kit offering:

  • Easy mounting in just about every situation
  • Bonding the system to the boat possible(NO HOLES NEEDED, please contact Mister Vee for details)
  • Optional blind mounting(no access to inside of transom needed, please contact Mister Vee for details)
  • In some cases it even be possible to use asymmetric mounting points fi. to clear boarding ladders

Check out the next page for more details on mounting Y&B.

This is what we mean with light weight:

Y&B in 3D pdf3.49 MB