New website for Mister Vee in 2015

Over the next months the Mister Vee website will be replaced with a brand new one.

Here is what may happen during the transition:

- The website may also be off line for longer than during normal maintenance
- The website will be read-only for a period of time (no orders can be placed then and no new accounts can be made)
- Only limited data will be transferred to the new site, so things may not work as you are used to.
- And maybe other things too...


Light weight selfsteering: Mister Vee Y&B

Y&B, a brand new light weight wind vane self steering system from Mister Vee:

  • Y&B standard Versatile mounting kit, suitable for just about any situation, easy mounting process
    • Y&B basic Without mounting kit, to be mounted on to existing gear like a swimming platform or to build your own mounting
    • Y&B Minimal Without mounting kit and without vane base, to be integrated in to existing gear like a swimming platform or to build your own mounting around the Y&B components (Contact Mister Vee to order Y&B minimal)
  • Super light weight, about 10 kg/22 lbs, including mounting kit as shown
  • High efficiency HD foam pendulum rudder for further improved performance
  • Low and High path of steering lines (more on this on the next pages)

Usually the pendulum rudder can be lifted out of the water when the system is not in use. The Rudder stock is carbon fibre, the blade is a blend of polyurethane and filler material and starting the 2015 batch, epoxy foam/glass cloth.


The unique way in which the Mister Vee systems are built allow for easy modification of the standard configuration. One of the most important options is having an extended vane base made as shown on the right. This brings the windvane closer to the cockpit on boats with transom type 3 or 4.

At the bottom of this page there are links to high resolution pictures of Y&B mounted on the boat and a 3D pdf.

More information on the next pages.

Here is a Y&B on a Northbeach 24 with a transom hung rudder:

And another on a Marsvin, also transom hung rudder:

Video of part of the trials:

Drawing with dimension182.43 KB