Buy and Own Mister Vee self steering

Before you can go sailing with your Vee you will need to buy it and get it on your boat.
This section of the website tells you all about it.

  • Buy a new Vee from the webshop
  • What to do when you buy second hand
  • Assemble your system, mount it to the boat and set it up
  • Regular maintenance

Buy your Vee

Buying a Mister Vee is done through the webshop. This is where you find prices for all the parts you need. Please do feel free to ask for advice on what to buy!

All prices in the webshop are listed with 21% VAT/sales tax included. If you live outside the EU this sales tax is not charged.

During checkout a login to the Mister Vee website is created if you do not have one yet. This login is later used to get access to the manuals.

Read more about using the webshop or go there now.

Second hand systems

If you have bought or are planning to buy a used self steering system, you can place adds on this website to let the world know you are looking to buy. If you buy a used Mister Vee system, all the manuals are available to you when you give us some details of whom you bought it from. Also, every model is still supported, even if it is no longer being sold.

Place or view self steering adds


All the manuals for your Vee are available as a download or as webpages. This way you always have the most up to date version with just a few mouse clicks. If you have bought a Vee your account for the mister Vee website is enabled for access to the manuals. After login a menu with links to the manuals appears on the right hand side of the screen.

Log in now if you are not logged in.

Using and maintaining your Vee is described in the Windvane self steering handbook

Assembly and mounting

The Mister Vee systems are sold as as set of parts for self assembly. Just follow the manuals closely and you should be well on your way to great Vreedom. If at any point you feel in need of some advise, just give Sven a call!

Maybe your question is answered in our Frequently Asked Questions, if not, please send us an email!

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Si vous nous contactez en Français nous traduisons par Google.

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