WALT BYO self steering system

WALT BYO shares most of its parts with Y&B.

Boat size: up to 12 meter/36 feet (bigger may work too, please get in touch for details)
Mountings: Use this kit to build your own mounting in stainless steel. This kit requires welding to be mounted!

WALT BYO can also be used for most wheel steered boats (requires connection to emergency tiller or a wheel adapter).


Price: € 1,420.00
SKU: 9100
Price: € 275.00
SKU: SS gear set
Price: € 198.00
SKU: SS small gear
Price: € 99.00
SKU: Shipping outside EU
Price: € 135.00
SKU: Shipping EU-20kgs
Price: € 69.00
SKU: Shipping Rest of the world
Price: € 160.00


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