Navik replacement parts

Replacement parts for Navik self steering systems.

Newly designed and mostly hand made from top quality materials.

Navik parts

SKU: Vee 61-17-156
Price: € 275.00
Price: € 30.00
Price: € 87.50
SKU: 9100
Price: € 275.00
SKU: bushing kit
Price: € 18.50
SKU: N17121B-M6
Price: € 19.50
SKU: N17121B-M5
Price: € 22.50
SKU: 16-28mm-MB
Price: € 159.00
SKU: ship-World-long-2kgs
Price: € 26.00
SKU: ship-world-envelope-500grams
Price: € 16.00
SKU: ship-EU-envelope-500grams
Price: € 11.00
SKU: ship-EU-long-2kgs
Price: € 16.00
SKU: ship-Nl-envelope-500grams
Price: € 8.00

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