Mister Vee Y&B

Y&B bare (no mounting kit, no vane base, no PR safety release)

€ 1,199.00 incl VAT (only applied in the EU)

Y&B without the mounting kit, the vanebase, pendulum arm or safety release, to be integrated in to a custom made system.

The systems running gear will be connected to a base and mounting in a way you design and build.
Y&B bare does not include the pendulum arm and safety release for the pendulum rudder.

Extra longe custom length pendulum rudder (more then 145 cm/57" )

€ 45.00 incl VAT (only applied in the EU)

The standard long rudder is 1.45 meters long and gives a mounting height of about 95 cm.

You can have a pendulum rudder made at just about any length if that suits your situation.
Rudder blade length is 85 cm, rudder stock and bearing tube are longer than standard.

The listed price is a starting price for the extra work, extra materials will be added too.
Also, shipping cost is likely to be higher.
Please ask a quote for all the costs involved.

Wheel adapter

€ 275.00 incl VAT (only applied in the EU)

Adapter to connect most servo pendulum self steering systems to a steering wheel.

  • Single knob operated central clutch, twist knob to engage/release
  • Suitable for 3,4 5, 6 and 8 spoke wheels. 7 spoke fitting on request
  • 16 cm diameter (just over 6")
  • Made from HPL* and other plastics

The wheel adaptor is not eligible for batched delivery discount.
It is made to order, outside the Batched delivery periods.

* High Pressure Laminate

Extra mounting tube

€ 42.00 incl VAT (only applied in the EU)

Y&B standard comes with one 1.45 meter (just under 5 feet) long mounting tube.

This one mounting tube is cut into 4 pieces for most mountings on transom types 1 and 2 and 3 if the angle is not too far from vertical.

Order one or more extra mounting tubes if:

  • you have a transom hung rudder
  • your transom has a big angle from vertical
  • your transom is of type 4 or 5

If you are unsure whether or not you need the extra mounting tube, please get in touch so we can have a look at the situation.


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