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Y&B in short

Y&B is the lightest full size windvane self steering system ever!

Boat size: up to 12 meter/36 feet (bigger may work too, please get in touch for details)
Weight: 10 kgs/22 lbs including mounting kit
Mountings: Suitable for all transom types, with or without transom hung rudder, optional customisation available

Very light weight. Carbon- and glass fiber tubes, High Efficiency HD foam pendulum rudder. Super versatile mounting kit included. Comes with long pendulum rudder as standard. Can also be used for most wheel steered boats (requires connection to emergency tiller or a wheel adapter).

Y&B is also available in a basic and minimal version if you want to save some money or make a custom mounting.

Mister Vee Y&B

SKU: 8001 Y&B
Price: € 1,639.00
SKU: 8003 Y&B
Price: € 1,365.00
SKU: 339-1450
Price: € 42.00
SKU: 9100
Price: € 275.00
SKU: 992
Price: € 15.25
SKU: SS gear set
Price: € 198.00
SKU: Shipping outside EU
Price: € 135.00
SKU: Shipping EU-20kgs
Price: € 69.00
SKU: Shipping Rest of the world
Price: € 160.00


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