Why use windvane self steering?

Be Vree from the helm!


Well, don't you have better things to do than keep the boat on the right course?

When you sail longer trips, especially when you sail solo or with a very small crew, keeping the boat at the correct angle to the wind needs constant attention. This is fun for about half an hour, after that it becomes a boring nuisance.

Self steering from Mister Vee Vrees you from sitting at the helm all the time!

Self steering from Mister Vee keeps your boat at the correct angle to the wind so you can:

  • Look around and enjoy your sailing
  • Get something to drink or prepair a meal
  • Navigate
  • Put in a reef
  • hoist the sails while motoring in to the wind
  • Change the sails
  • Do small repairs
  • Look around and enjoy your sailing!

Once you have experienced windvane self-steering from Mister Vee, your sailing will never be the same again!

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