New website for Mister Vee in 2015

Over the next months the Mister Vee website will be replaced with a brand new one.

Here is what may happen during the transition:

- The website may also be off line for longer than during normal maintenance
- The website will be read-only for a period of time (no orders can be placed then and no new accounts can be made)
- Only limited data will be transferred to the new site, so things may not work as you are used to.
- And maybe other things too...


Requirements for windvane self steering

If you are interested in setting up windvane self steering on your boat, keep the folowing in mind:

Self steering needs a well balanced boat
If you have to fight the tiller to keep the boat on course a self steering system will have trouble too.

Obviously you will need wind for the system to steer your boat. As the system uses the apearant wind a running course will need more true wind than a close hauled course.

Low friction
The lower the friction is in the total system, including the boats rudder, the earlier it will steer in light airs especially on running courses. Low friction is a speciality of the Mister Vee systems!
The need for low friction means that hydraulic steering will not work. Only a system with an axillary rudder could work here.

Wheel Steering
If your boat has wheel steering you will probably need a wheel adaptor, also known as wheel drum. This wheel drum is available as an option.
Wheel Steering+emergency tiller
If your boat has an emergency tiller, this can be used to connect the self steering system to. You can actually use the tiller pointing backwards if that gives an easier layout. When using an e-tiller you do not need a wheel drum.

Space on the transom
You will need space on the transom to bolt the system to. Many boats have a swimming ladder where the self steering system needs to go.

Even though Mister Vee systems offers many more mounting options than most other system it is best to fit a self steering system to an empty transom. Figure out where to put the other bits after mounting the system!
We will gladly advise you on options for combining stuff with your self steering system.

Space above the transom
The windvane needs to stick out above the deck area. If you have a dinghy there or a mizzen boom you will probably find mounting a windvane very difficult

Double enders
The mounting kit that comes with Y&B can be used for mounting to double enders. You will probably require extra tubes (option in webshop) or custom length tubes.

Using Mr. Vane on double enders is not recommended.

Multi hull's and ULD boats?
Windvane self steering can not cope with constant acceleration folowed by slowing down. This means that it may not be possible to steer an ultra light displacement boat or multi hull.