New website for Mister Vee in 2015

Over the next months the Mister Vee website will be replaced with a brand new one.

Here is what may happen during the transition:

- The website may also be off line for longer than during normal maintenance
- The website will be read-only for a period of time (no orders can be placed then and no new accounts can be made)
- Only limited data will be transferred to the new site, so things may not work as you are used to.
- And maybe other things too...


Changing course

Changing course without changing tack
Turn the top of the vane mast to the position needed for the next course. If you want to change to be more than lets say 5-10 degrees you may need to adjust the position of the chain on the chain hook.

Tacking or gybing

  1. Turn the windvane to the position needed for the next course. The boat will slowly start turning.
  2. Disconnect the chain from the chain hook.
  3. Tack or gybe the boat as you normally do.
  4. Reconnect the chain to the chain hook.
  5. Adjust the mast and chain as described previously.